29 Jul

What we have been working on in the past months

In the past few months it has been rather quiet around the delegate as I was busy working on a few projects, all related to Ark. My main focus since end of December 2017 was the work on Core 2.0 which was a complete rewrite from scratch. You can check [htt...

27 Jul

Minor Issues Resolved

After the launch of the new website & backend a few minor issues popped up that we resolved now. Due to this payouts have been delayed by a few hours the last 2 days as there was an issue with the time setting but they should occur as expected during midni...

25 Jul

ArkX Relaunch

Today we did the ArkX Relaunch with a complete new system written from scratch. A few things have changed that we would like to cover in this short post. **Payouts are now done at fixed times. **This means that every midnight at UTC payouts will b...