26 Nov

2.0 Migration

Core 2.0 will be released in just a few days. If you haven't heard about it yet head over to and read up on it. For you as a voter this won't change anything, we will still cover fees and do dail...

30 Oct is now open source

As is a website used by delegates it should also be built by all delegates and everyone should be able to see what happens under the hood and help to improve it. As of today is open source and can be found at ht...

12 Oct

Network Issues - Resolved

As mentioned here there were some network issues that persisted for several days. Those have been resolved by the delegates and the Ark Team, a special thanks to the delegates **fun**, **del** and **biz** for ta...

11 Oct

Network Issues

The main network has been experiencing issues over the last few days which resulted in less rewards as delegates are randomly not forging. Everyone is currently looking into issue and trying to resolve it as soon as possible without causing more problems.

02 Oct

Share changes and other updates

**TL;DR** - 80% Share within the next 24 hours - Monthly ACF Donation to support Relays - Spend more time on ARK projects again - Daily payouts and fee coverage for everyone ----- There has been a lot of discussion lately in the circles of delegates abou...